Where to stay in Barbados


Accommodation will be the most expensive item in your budget when travelling to Barbados. Which places are the cheapest to stay? And where are the best? Read in this chapter.

Where to stay in Barbados

Barbados will offer many luxury gated resorts that you don't have to leave for the duration of your holiday, as well as private guesthouses or apartments where locals rent out a room or the entire property.

We recommend that you check the available offers and especially the prices before you buy your ticket:

If you're heading to Barbados in high season, between December and April, book well in advance, even 6 months or more! Deals are dwindling fast and prices rise significantly as your travel date approaches.

Resorts and beachfront accommodation

Look for the greatest concentration of resorts, hotels, apartments and resorts on the south and west coasts, which are virtually continuously built-up areas.

The panorama of the beaches is unspoilt by high-rise concrete buildings. Apartment buildings and resorts tend to be lower and drowned among the palm trees.

Most accommodation can be found in the main town of Bridgetown, particularly in its southern part in the Hastings, Rockley and St. Lawrence neighbourhoods. The town is very lively with plenty of entertainment, supermarkets, restaurants and a wide range of accommodation from cheaper private apartments to expensive resorts.

A popular resort is the town of Oistins in the very south of the island, which has a more laid-back feel except for the very lively weekends when there are fish night markets. In Oistins, you're more likely to stay in cheaper private apartments or very expensive resorts.

The west coast is home to quieter resorts, narrower beaches and expensive full-service resorts. If you want to enjoy a relaxing and undisturbed holiday in Barbados, but still have a full range of amenities at your fingertips, look no further than Holetown or Weston.

A very different environment awaits you in the south-eastern part of the island, with wide flat plains with minimal vegetation, small beaches under cliffs with big waves and few visitors. The towns here are very quiet and ideal for longer stays if you have a rental car.

Inland and east of the island

If you don't want to spend time in the densely populated western and southern parts of Barbados, you can try to find accommodation in the central or eastern part, where tourists rarely head.

There aren't many places to stay here, but the ones you do find are usually significantly better priced than the well-known resorts.

Hotel prices in Barbados

Barbados is an expensive destination, and even within the Caribbean it is priced above average.

For 1 night in a 2-bed room here you will pay from 100 usd to 180 usd in a small hotel or apartment, only rarely will you find prices below 80 usd for private apartments in the hinterland.

Search for cheap accommodation in Barbados

The lowest prices at beach resorts start at 290 usd and rise to arbitrary heights at the most luxurious hotels.

The highest accommodation prices are in the high season, from December to mid-April. If you are travelling during this period, we recommend booking accommodation well in advance (4 months or more).

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