Views in Lisbon

4 best views & viewpoints in Lisbon

Statue of Christ Lisbon
The statue of Christ in Almada

Statue, Lookout

The statue of Christ the King stands on a high cliff above the Tejo River near Almada, overlooking the whole of Lisbon on the opposite bank. The resemblance to the statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro is not accidental. The Brazilian iconic statue became the inspiration for a similar monument in Portugal after the visit of the Cardinal of Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro. [btn "Choose the cheapest hotel in Lisbon"…

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Santa Justa
Elevator/lift Santa Justa


The tower associated with the historic elevator, which we describe in the Transport chapter, rises in the lower part of the centre, specifically on Áurea Street. You will also often come across the alternative name"Elevador do Carmo". [btn "Choose a top-rated hotel in the centre";label=p-lisabon-santa-justa] If you are in the lower centre, take the elevator up. If you're in the Bairro…

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Castelo Sao Jorge
Castelo de São Jorge

Castle, Lookout

One of Lisbon's main attractions is perched on a hill overlooking the city and the Tagus River. The original defensive Moorish citadel and St George's Fortress was converted into the residence of the Portuguese kings after 1147. Despite its age, the castle is extremely well preserved and also open to the public. [btn "Find a hotel with a view of Lisbon";label=p-lisabon-castelo-jorge] …

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Augusto Gil
Augusta Gila Park

Park, Lookout

This small park, or rather square, offers a welcome oasis of calm in the city centre at one of Lisbon's highest points. On one side of the square are the terraced houses, on the other the church, and from the third you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Castelo de Sao Jorge and the red rooftops of Lisbon. After that, head down on foot in any direction - you'll always reach tram line 28.

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