Getting to Lisbon


Lisbon is Portugal's main transport hub and its large international airport makes it easily accessible from all over the world.

By air

Due to Lisbon's location on the westernmost edge of Europe, air travel is the most common choice for travellers.

The city is served by the only major international airport , Lisbon LIS. Direct flights by many low-cost and conventional airlines mainly go to Western, Southern and Central Europe, Brazil, the USA, but also to North Africa and Dubai.

Where and how to buy tickets to Lisbon?

The cheapest tickets from European destinations are usually with low-cost airlines Ryanair or easyJet, both of which have large bases in Lisbon with dozens of direct flights.

However, promotional prices usually only apply to a small number of dates.

Most flights to Lisbon can be bought with Portugal's national airline TAP to every major city in Europe, but also to Brazil, the USA or even Mexico.

Buy tickets to Lisbon at

By train to Lisbon

The train is the best choice of transport from other major Portuguese cities.

There is only one state-owned rail carrier in Portugal, Comboios de Portugal (CP).

Check tickets and timetables only on the official website, where final prices are always listed without additional surcharges.

There are several railway stations in Lisbon. From which stations do trains run to specific destinations?

  • Porto, Aveiro, Coimbra, Braga - Oriente + Santa Apolonia station (1 or 2 trains a day from Entrecampos station instead of Santa Apolonia)
  • Coimbra - Oriente station + Santa Apolonia (1 or 2 daily services from Entrecampos station instead of Santa Apolonia)
  • Faro, Albufeira, Tunes - Oriente + Entrecampos + Sete Rios station (selected services only)
  • Covilha, Guarda - Oriente + Santa Apolonia station
  • Evora - Oriente station + Entrecampos + Sete Rios
  • Torres Vedras - Santa Apolonia station + Entrecampos + Sete Rios
  • Melecas - Rossio station
  • Sintra - Oriente station + Entrecampos + Sete Rios
  • Cascais, Monte Estoril - Cais do Sodr√© station + Santos + Alcantara Mar + Belem

There are no direct international trains to Lisbon.

By bus to Lisbon

Buses to Lisbon are more frequent than trains, but the journey is usually slower.

Unlike rail, you can also get to Lisbon by direct international connections.

There are 3 main bus operators in Portugal who compete with each other and it is always advisable to compare the times and especially the ticket prices for each company separately.

Rede Expressos has the widest network from Lisbon throughout Portugal. Conversely, Flixbus often offers the cheapest tickets on the main routes to Porto or Faro.

International bus services from Lisbon include the following destinations:

Where are the main bus stations?

Is it better to take the train or the bus?

To give you an overview, we've prepared a comparison of trains and buses on the main routes from Lisbon.

Train - Price Bus - Price Train - Travel time Bus - Travel time
Porto From 14 eur from 8 eur 2:50 to 3:15 3:15
Faro From 11 eur from 4 eur 3:00 3:30
Coimbra from 10 eur from 5 eur 2:05 2:30
Aveiro from 15 eur from 8 eur 2:30 3:30
Braga from 17,50 eur from 8 eur 3:30 4:00

Where are the main train and bus stations located?

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