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Lisbon enjoys a Mediterranean oceanic climate, with temperatures of around 15°C in winter and 28°C in summer, making the city ideal for year-round tourism.

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Compared to places around the Mediterranean, there's more variation between winter and summer rainfall, but it usually only rains briefly, rarely for days.

It can be quite windy in Lisbon, but the relatively high average temperatures make the wind rather pleasant.

What is the rainiest month in Lisbon?

It rains the most during the winter, specifically in November, December and early January, when there can be several showers a day.

Are there any dangerous climatic phenomena in Lisbon?

Portugal is not in a hurricane zone. A normal summer thunderstorm can occur, but torrential rain is not very common in Lisbon.

Due to Lisbon's location on the ocean, prolonged droughts are also not common. Despite the fact that the city sits on the largest river in the entire Iberian Peninsula, flooding is quite rare in Lisbon.

Weather and temperatures throughout the year

This is what the weather in Lisbon looks like during the different months of the year.

Weather in January

Although January is the coldest month of the year, winters are very mild with average temperatures around 15°C.

On average, there are 15 rainy days during January, but these are mostly just showers. There are often strong winds from the ocean at the river and on the hills of Lisbon.

Weather in February

Temperatures rise to an average of 16°C during February, with more sunshine due to the longer days.

It rains about 15 days a month, similar to January, but the rainfall is a little lighter and shorter. There are often cloudy or partly cloudy skies, but the sun's rays often make their way through the clouds.

Weather in March

March sees the onset of spring. Temperatures rise to 18 °C, but days when the temperature is over 20 °C are no exception.

Compared to winter, the rain decreases slightly, but you still have to reckon with quick showers: they occur on average 13 days during the month.

Weather in April

Spring is in full swing, with parks full of flowering plants and temperatures regularly rising above 20 °C.

Showers are still relatively frequent during April, but usually last no more than an hour or two and rarely occur for several days in a row.

Weather in May

The weather in May is ideal for excursions both in and around the city. Temperatures soar to 22°C and the weather is often clear or partly cloudy.

Rain showers are few and short. It usually only rains for a few minutes, and a holiday in Lisbon in May will not be greatly affected by rain.

Weather in June

During June, the weather changes dramatically in that the showers diminish significantly. It rains only very sporadically, on average 5 days a month.

Daytime temperatures normally reach 24 °C.

Weather in July

July is a typical summer month with minimal rainfall and consistently clear or partly clear skies.

Daytime temperatures are 26 °C, but the breeze and narrow shady streets make the city feel more pleasant. Thanks to the winds from the ocean, Lisbon doesn't get many summer thunderstorms.

Weather in August

August is statistically the hottest month of the year, with temperatures soaring to 27°C.

However, even August is not completely breeze-free, so the temperature feels considerably more pleasant, especially in the narrow streets of the centre.

During August, there is virtually no rain. Showers occur on average only 2 days out of the month.

Weather in September

September is a great month to travel to Lisbon. The weather is very pleasant with temperatures around 24°C and a constant light breeze from the ocean.

Rain is rather sporadic and there are partly cloudy skies for most of the month.

Weather in October

The first month of autumn is marked by pleasant temperatures of around 22 °C. The trees are turning beautiful autumn colours and the weather is ideal for sitting in outdoor restaurants or wandering around the city.

Showers are much more frequent than in summer, but most of them are just short showers that will soon be blown away by the increasing winds from the Atlantic.

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Weather in November

November is the rainiest month of the year, but all-day rains are not very common. Showers are usually replaced by partly cloudy skies, and situations where you'd miss your entire stay are pretty rare.

Normal air temperatures are between 15 °C and 18 °C.

Weather in December

December is also very wet compared to other months with an average of 15 rainy days. Most of the rain comes in the form of showers.

December has the least sunshine due to the short days, but there is a romantic atmosphere in the run-up to Christmas with relatively pleasant temperatures between 12 °C and 15 °C.

Table of temperatures during the year

Lisbon - City hiking all year round, sunbathing on the beaches in summer.

14 °C
16 °C
18 °C
19 °C
22 °C
25 °C
28 °C
28 °C
27 °C
22 °C
18 °C
15 °C

When to go to Lisbon

Lisbon is an ideal year-round destination. The many indoor attractions allow you to explore the city even in rainy weather. ,

Conversely, the hottest summer months rarely see uncomfortable heat.

When are the high season and hottest months?

The high season in Lisbon is from May to September, when it rarely rains. Temperatures are pleasant between 22°C and 28°C and there are always partly cloudy or clear skies.

During this period, accommodation and especially airfares are slightly higher.

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How long to Lisbon for?

Lisbon is a great weekend destination, especially when you can get cheap low-cost flights.

But thanks to its central location in the middle of Portugal, Lisbon can also serve well as a starting point for longer stays.

To see all the main sights of Lisbon, set aside at least 3 full days.

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