Where to stay in Lisbon


Lisbon is not only one of the most popular holiday destinations, but many travellers also stop here on long layovers on their way between Europe and South or North America.

Read our tips on specific hotels, the best neighbourhoods to stay in and the approximate prices of hotels in Lisbon.

Where to stay in Lisbon

Lisbon isn't such a vast city, yet its hilly terrain makes transport around it slower, and if you choose to stay somewhere on the outskirts, expect a 45-minute commute to the centre.

Lisbon offers a wide range of accommodation from really cheap small hotels to luxurious expensive hotels. You can compare all the offers on the traditional portals.

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Historic Centre - Alfama and Bairro Alto

The Historic Centre is located in the Alfama and Bairro Alto districts on the hills and around Rossio Square and Praça do Comércio.

Strategically, this area is the best place to live in Lisbon. Everything is a short walk away, but at the same time, you'll pay quite a bit more for accommodation, just like in other historic cities around the world.


Arroios is the area roughly demarcated between Anjos, Alameda and Sandanha metro stations and is one of the most popular spots.

Stay here if you want to choose a reasonable compromise of price vs performance. Compared to the centre, you can save tens of percent and reach it in 10 minutes by metro.

Estrela (Belém)

Estrela is the neighbourhood around the monastery in Belém, in a very pleasant area of the old town interspersed with the more modern suburbs.

If you want to experience authentic Lisbon and proximity to the Tagus River at a more affordable price than right in the city centre, stay here.

If you're just changing planes in Lisbon and have an early morning flight, stay in the neighbourhoods around the airport, where you can reach the airport in 5 minutes by taxi or uber.

The cheapest and best hotels in Lisbon

If you don't want to spend time looking for the best deals, we've selected the best hotels in several categories.

Cheapest accommodation

Expect the lowest prices for smaller budget hotels between 50 eur and 65 eur per night in a double room with private bathroom in the room.

You can also get rooms with shared bathrooms under 40 eur for 2 per night. Tips on the 3 cheapest and well rated hotels in Lisbon:

  • Stay Hotel Lisboa Centro Saldanha - A simple modern renovated hotel in a quieter location very close to the centre, a great choice for cheap, clean and nice classic hotel type accommodation
  • Contador Mor Guesthouse - a small guesthouse right in the heart of the historic part of Lisbon, the rooms are modernly renovated and very good value for money for the centre
  • GoodTime Marquês Suites - a lovely private guesthouse with small but new and clean rooms in a great location at one of the main transfer points

The golden middle way

You can get classic 3* and 4* local hotels in Lisbon for prices between 60 eur and 80 eur per night in a double room. Good value for money, location and convenience, for example, are these 3 hotels:

  • Hotel Roma - a nice larger 3* hotel with spacious clean rooms near the metro station (about 10 minutes to the centre)
  • Hotel Travel Park Lisboa - a cosy 3* hotel with modern facilities right next to Anjos metro station, which takes you to the centre in 5 minutes
  • Hotel Alif Avenidas - in our opinion the best value for money for a 4* hotel in Lisbon, modern facilities and a great location between Saldanha and Sao Sebastiao metro stations

International chains

You prefer the classics of the multinational chains, from which you always know what to expect. There are dozens of these hotels in Lisbon. Take a look at a selection

Luxury hotels

Are you heading to Lisbon for an extraordinary experience and want to treat yourself to the best in a hotel? Check out the most luxurious hotels in Lisbon:

  • Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa - Luxury and comfort at an affordable price from 160 eur per night for 2, the hotel impresses with a terrace with stunning views of the city and a location right on the Picoas metro.
  • InterContinental Lisbon - Lisbon's "IC" boasts a terrace with great views of the city and a great location by the Marquês de Pombal metro
  • MYRIAD by SANA Hotels - A modern hotel right on the banks of the Tagus River in the new neighbourhood by the Oriente and Oceánaria stations. Rates start at 200 eur per night in a double room
  • Eurostars Museum - If you prefer to live right in the heart of the city without compromise, then this 5* hotel in Plaza Comérico is the right choice. Get a night for 2 from 220 eur.

Hotel prices in Lisbon

Lisbon is in the lower price category and is comparable to, for example, Prague. Hotels in the historic centre start at 65 eur per room, but you can definitely get cheaper.

The city is full of hotels that use only one floor of a regular apartment building, for example, read the references carefully as the lower price is often made up for by questionable quality. The normal price for a room in similar establishments outside the city centre does not exceed 45 eur.

10 cheapest hotels in Lisbon

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