Torre de Belém

Torre del Belem

Just a few hundred metres from the Jerónimos Monastery, you will find one of the main symbols of Lisbon and Portugal - the Tower of Belém.

It stands here as an elegant sign to the sailors that they are entering the harbour. It was built at the beginning of the 16th century and, together with the neighbouring monastery, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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You can also visit the inside of the tower, including a view of the Tejo River and the nearby 25 April Bridge.

The harbour watchtower

Torre de Belém was built between 1515 and 1521 as one of the main components of Lisbon's defence system at the mouth of the Tejo River, on whose embankment the tower stands.

Lisbon's harbour was located in the Belém district at the time and, as Portugal was one of the world's major maritime powers in the 16th century, the harbour's defences played a really important role.

Indeed, the Portuguese pride in their seafaring past has made the Belém Tower one of the country's symbols.

An elegant Manueline-style structure

The Tower of Belém is one of the most famous monuments of the so-called Manueline architectural style. It combines elements of late Gothic, early Renaissance and Moorish architecture.

One of the main features is the rich decoration with ornaments and statues. The Tower of Belém is thus decorated with many small towers, arcades and battlements.

The tower is made of lime limestone and reaches a height of 30 metres.

Admission and opening hours

The tower is open daily from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm, with the last entry at 5:30 pm.

The ticket price for the tower and the viewpoint is 6 eur.

A combined ticket with the Jeronymite Monastery will be available at 12 eur.

Accommodation at Torre de Belém

The beautifully restored Teja waterfront, with its hints of distant continents and ancient sea voyages, beckons you to stay here. We would recommend, for example, stylish accommodation on a luxury yacht Luxury Sailing Boat in the local marina.

How to reach the Tower of Belém?

From the centre, it takes about half an hour to get here by tram number 15, get off at the Lg stop. Princesa.

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