Bairro Alto

Bairro Alto

The quirky and somewhat free-spirited Bairro Alto district in the city centre is the main centre of the Fado musical style.

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Every other bar or café has at least one singer playing in the evening, and the melancholy tones echo through the narrow streets, giving you the true Lisbon atmosphere along with good wine and food.

Quiet during the day, busy nights

The narrow, steep streets have a more or less peaceful life during the day and are the perfect place to stroll around and take daytime photos of typical old Lisbon.

During the day, you'll have plenty of streets to yourself and, especially in the morning, you won't come across a soul.

After dark, however, Bairro Alto changes its face completely.

The narrow streets fill up with folding tables of restaurants, bars and all sorts of clubs. Live fado and other traditional Portuguese music is played and restaurants stay open late into the night.

Go for dinner after 7pm, when most places are just starting to open.

Where to go in Bairro Alto?

It's not a big neighbourhood and you can easily walk the whole thing in half an hour. But where to go for the best food, fado music or bars?

Cheap bars in Rua da Rosa

Rua da Rosa, especially the northern end, is known for its large number of cheap student bars and clubs where you can head for fun, cocktails and alternative art.

Live fado performances

Bairro Alto is one of the centres of the Portuguese Fado musical style.

The most famous bar with live performances after 8pm is Tasca do Chico on Rua do Diário Notícias ( However, within Bairro Alto you will come across dozens of other venues with Fado performances.

Visit the Manteigaria Bakery

According to locals, the Manteigaria Bakery produces the best pastéis de nata ever, a typical Portuguese sweet.

You'll find the business in the south of Bairro Alto near the square ( near Luís de Camões Square. It is open every day from 8:00 am until midnight.

Accommodation in Bairro Alto

Love the nightlife and the proximity of the accommodation to the centre of the nightlife? Then Barrio Alto is the best neighbourhood for you in Lisbon.

Bairro Alto is the number 1 tourist area, so expect higher prices.

Transportation to Bairro Alto

The district is famous for its typical Lisbon cable cars, which run on rails up the steep streets from the centre. The funiculars are similar to the old yellow trams that also go to Bairro Alto.

  • Glória cable car (map and timetable: - runs from the metro station and Restauradores station.
  • Bica cable car (map and timetable: - runs from the metro station and Cais do Sodré station (approx. 250 metres)
  • Trams - lines 12E, 22B, 24E and 28E run via the central stop "Praça Luís de Camões"

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