Monte Ortobene

Monte Ortobene

The granite mountain, located just a few kilometres from Nuora, is a popular tourist destination thanks to its seven-metre high statue of Christ the Saviour, which offers a magnificent view of the whole landscape.

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The peak is a popular walking destination for locals from the nearby town of Nuoro and tourists staying in resorts on the coast, such as Cala Gonone.

The statue of Christ the Savior

The top of the hill is adorned with a bronze statue of Christ the Saviour, erected in 1901, when the then Pope Leo XIII requested that monuments to Christ the Saviour be erected in all regions of Italy.

The statue itself is 4 metres high and with the base measures 7 metres.

Directly below the statue, you can enjoy views of the wide surroundings from the observation deck, which is accessible free of charge 24/7.

There are several small restaurants and a souvenir shop close to the top of Ortobene.

How to get there

From Nuoro, a popular hiking trail leads to the summit, 4 km long and with an elevation gain of over 400 metres.

The trail goes most of the way through a beautiful pine forest with interesting granite rocks.

If you don't want to pedal uphill, you can take public transport bus line 8 from the centre of Nuora directly to the top of Otrobene.

Line 8 runs only twice a day on weekdays, but on weekends and holidays it runs 1-2 times an hour, see the timetable on the website: Tickets cost 1 eur and can be bought at the newsagent. At the bus driver's, the ticket costs 1,50 eur.

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