Grotte del Bue Marino

Grotte Bue Marino

The caves of Bue Marino can be found on the east coast of Sardinia near the town of Dorgali.

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The caves stretch for an incredible 20 kilometres and hide thousands of stalactites and stalagmites, freshwater pools, underground rivers and also fossils.

A visit to the caves

The Grotta del Bue Marino is divided into three branches, the northern and southern of which are open to the public.

These parts can be reached with dry feet along paths that in total measure over 3 km. Moving around the cave is easy and can be done even by untrained travellers.

Access to the Grotta del Bue Marino is only possible with a guide on an organised cruise from Cala Gonone.

For exact boat departure times and other information, visit the official website:

How to get here and ticket price

The cave can only be reached by boat as part of an organised trip.

All the boats leave from the port of Cala Gonone and the trip will take about 2 hours in total.

The prices are as follows:

July and August April-June, September-October
South Branch 12 eur 10 eur
North branch 15 eur 15 eur

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