Grotta di Ispinigoli

Grotta Ispinigoli

The Ispinigoli Cave is located in the hills of the Supramonte Mountains near the village of Dorgali and is one of the largest in Sardinia.

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Venture literally into the heart of Sardinia and discover a breathtaking and mysterious world underground.

Europe's largest stalagmite

This is a place that will make many a speleologist's heart skip a beat. The Ispinigoli Caves are home to the tallest stalagmite in Europe and, at 38 metres, one of the tallest in the world.

In total, the cave system measures more than 12 km and reaches up to 100 metres underground.

Visiting the caves: entrance fee

Guided tours take place every hour all year round, but significantly less in winter than in summer.

Ticket prices vary according to the season.

  • 10 eur - July and August
  • 8 eur - rest of the year

Children under 13 and seniors over 70 get a 50% discount.

For official information and to book tickets online visit:


Stay in the heart of the Sardinian countryside in a quiet area that empties completely in the afternoon after the cave closes, leaving you with the whole wide area to yourself.

Right at the entrance to the cave is the modern and well-rated Hotel Ispinigoli ***.

How to get there

The cave can only be reached by car, there is no bus stop nearby.

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The turn-off from the main SS125 ring road is clearly signposted and is located between the villages of Dorgali and Orosei. There is free parking at the entrance to the cave.

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