Gola Su Gorropu

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The canyon of Gola Su Gorropu (or Gola di Gorropu) is considered the largest and deepest gorge in Italy and one of the deepest in Europe.

Find a hotel in the middle of nature

The Gorropu Gorge is one of Sardinia's most remote places with unspoilt nature and breathtaking views.

The monumental dimensions of the canyon

At its deepest point, the limestone walls are up to 500 metres high, while the width of the canyon varies from 4 to several tens of metres as it gradually widens from the edges to the centre.

The confluence has been shaped for centuries by the small Flumineddu River, which today has water only a few days during the winter.

How to get there

The canyon can only be accessed on foot over fairly difficult terrain. Good hiking boots and plenty of water are a must, without which the journey cannot be made.

However, the trail does not require any mountaineering skills and is manageable for the average trained traveler.

There are two main routes to the gorge:

  • From the Genna e'Silana Pass to the main road SS125. At the start of the route you will find free parking, refreshments and the Gorrop Hotel. The road to the gorge leads through beautiful but challenging mountainous countryside and is 4.6 km in one direction with an elevation gain of about 700 metres. See the detailed map of the route. Allow about 4.5 hours in total for the round trip.
  • From the Sa Barva bridge at the end of the small asphalt road. This also leads from the SS125 road and between kilometre 200 and 201 there is a signposted turn-off for "Gorrop" and "Tiscali". Follow this tarmac road for about 11 km to the car park. The road is easier than the above mentioned option, but it is much longer - 6.7 km in one direction, see the route map.

If you don't have a car, only the first option of the route from the pass, where there is a bus stop, comes into consideration. Once a day, the 303 line always runs early in the morning from the towns of Arbatax, Tortoli, Baunei and Santa Maria Navarrese, then returns in the early afternoon.

Line 521 also passes through here, but due to the times it does not offer much tourist traffic.


The entrance fee to Goroppu Canyon is 5 eur and can only be paid in cash.

Parking at either end costs 10 eur per day.

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