Sea temperature in Sardinia


The sea, beaches and swimming are the main reasons to go to Sardinia. When is the sea warmest in Sardinia and which months of the year are the best for swimming?

Take a look at the detailed water temperatures in Sardinia throughout the year and choose your holiday dates.

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Average sea temperatures in Sardinia

Although the island is large, the sea water temperature doesn't vary much from beach to beach and is similar everywhere. The exceptions are the shallows, where the sea warms up much faster and it is not uncommon for the water temperature to be higher than the air temperature in such places.

In Sardinia, you can comfortably bathe between June and October, when sea temperatures normally exceed 20 °C.

  • June - 22 °C
  • July - 25 °C
  • August - 27 °C
  • September - 26 °C
  • October - 23 °C

During winter the sea cools down to between 15 and 18 °C.

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Chart of water temperatures in Sardinia

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