Isola di San Pietro

Isola San Pietro

The islet of St Peter off the south-west coast of Sardinia attracts visitors with the relaxed atmosphere of Carloforte, pretty beaches and the seasonal tuna fishing at La Punta.

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At 51 square kilometres , it's the sixth largest island in the whole of Italy, so you're sure to keep yourself entertained for at least a day or two.

If you're looking for a peaceful atmosphere, beautiful nature and a minimum of tourists, then Isola di San Pietro is the choice for you.

Beaches and swimming

The very rugged rocky coastline with cliffs makes for particularly beautiful scenery and views, but there are quite a few real beaches on the island, mainly concentrated in the southern half. Among the best are:

  • Spiaggia La Caletta - a fine white sand beach in the village of the same name in a beautiful setting and easily accessible by bus
  • Spiaggia La Bobba - a fine white sand beach in a pretty cove lined with rocks in a quiet setting. Easy to get here by car only, the bus stops about 500 meters from the beach

Sights and attractions

The islet may not have the top sights in Sardinia, but you can still discover unexplored corners and interesting places.

  • Carloforte, the largest town on the island, attracts visitors with its narrow streets, lively promenade and typically Italian architecture of colourful houses
  • Fungo di Pietra - on the northernmost part of the island, you can admire the white rocks that seem to be made of concrete


The island is well prepared for tourists and offers many accommodation options, especially in smaller family-run guesthouses, but there are also classic hotels in Carloforte. Prices in high season start at about 80 eur per night for 2.


The only way to get to the island is by Delcomar ferry. The boats sail on two routes to the island of Sardinia.

There is also a local bus service around the island.

Ferries to San Pietro

  • Carloforte - Portovesme: journey takes 40 minutes, one-way ticket for pedestrians approx. 4,90 eur, for car 10 eur
  • Carloforte - Calasetta: journey time 30 minutes, one-way ticket for pedestrians approx. 4,50 eur, for car 8,70 eur
  • Timetables and ticket booking on the website
Carloforte - Portovesme ferries
Low season (October-May)
One way
Low season (October-May)
High season (June-September)
Season (June-September)
Walking passengers 5 eur 9,50 eur 5,40 eur 10,20 eur
Car 12,80 eur 25,50 eur 13,20 eur

26,20 eur

Carloforte - Calasetta ferries

Low season (October-May)
One way
Low season (October-May)
High season (June-September)
Season (June-September)
Walking passengers 4,40 eur 8,30 eur 5 eur 9,30 eur
Car 10,40 eur 20,70 eur 10,60 eur 21 eur

Buses on the island

Transportation on the ring road around the island is provided by the bus line number 825, which runs once an hour every day to reach all the villages on the island and some of the beaches.

Buses to the mainland ports

The mainland (or Sardinia) ports are also easily accessible by bus.



In Carbonia there is a change to Trenitalia trains towards Cagliari.

What to see around

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