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The most popular resort in southern Sardinia is called Chia, about 50 km southwest of Cagliari near Cape Spartivento.

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Rather than a classic resort, the Chia area can be characterised as a scattering of hotels and guesthouses along a beautiful rugged coastline with beautiful scenery. You would look in vain for a large town with a lively centre.

The resort of Chia is the ideal place for a quiet holiday on its beautiful beaches.

Su Giudeu Beach and more

Chia boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in southern Sardinia. They are all covered with fine white sand and bathed by a sea of crystal clear water. The beaches are surrounded by photogenic rock formations and greenery. The most beautiful beaches of Chia are:

  • Su Giudeu - The largest beach, over 600 metres long, separates the sea from the salt lake and sand dunes. Facilities here include bars, sun lounger hire and several large car parks.
  • Campana Dune - Just over a small rock overhang behind Su Giudeu beach you will find the smaller but no less beautiful Spiaggia Campane Dune.
  • Sa Colonia - The closest to the "centre" of Chia is the pretty Sa Colonia beach, adjacent to the Spiaggia na Monte Cogoni. Here too you will find facilities in the form of bars or sunbed hire.


There are hotels, guesthouses and private accommodation scattered along the coast. Prices in the Chia area and Su Giudeu beach are among the higher ones, and in the peak holiday season, prices for a night in a double room don't drop below 110 eur per night.


The resort of Chia is easily accessible by car from Cagliari, 50 km away, and each beach has its own large car park.

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Accessibility by public transport is worse.

The 129 bus does run from Cagliari, but it only stops at the main road, which passes within about 1.5km of the sea.

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