Sinis peninsula

Sinis peninsula

Head to the Sinis peninsula for the archaeological site at Tharru, pink flamingos, charming lagoons and stunning beaches that are among the best on the island: Is Arutas, Putzu Idu.

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Reefs, flamingos and lagoons

Sinis is all about nature. The beautiful limestone cliffs lining the coast give way to sandy beaches and small coves from time to time.

The interior of the peninsula is interspersed with water lagoons and salt pans.

An interesting attraction of these lagoons are the abundant flocks of flamingos, especially in Porcus lagoon (white spot on satellite maps) and also in the salina around Putzu Idu beach.

Beaches and swimming

The Sinis peninsula is lined with beaches that are among the most beautiful and tranquil in Sardinia. Most of them are covered with fine white sand and their common denominator is the beautiful natural setting of the sand dunes away from the busy resorts. See detailed information on the most beautiful beaches on the Sinis peninsula:

  • Putzu Idu Beach
  • Is Arutas Beach
  • Is Asrenas Beach

What to see around

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