The large bay of Golfo di Orosei, in the east of Sardinia, is one of the most beautiful parts of the coast, boasting the "best" beaches. Among the most famous are Cala Mariolu, Cala Luna or the beaches around the small resort of Cala Gonone.

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The main centre of the region, however, is the town of Orosei, situated at the northern foot of the Supramonte mountains and about 1.5km from the sea.

Beaches and swimming

Orosei boasts one of Sardinia's longest beaches, made up of Spiaggia di Marina di Orosei and Spiaggia Su Barone. In total, you'll enjoy over 6 km of coastline lined with fine golden sand, with a large part of the beach protected from the sun by mature pine trees.

In the middle of the Su Barone beach, a strip of sand is separated from the mainland by the saltwater lake Stagno Petrosu, which is an important breeding ground for many species of birds.

Although the local beaches are over 1 km away from Orosei town, they offer facilities such as sunbed and umbrella rentals, pedal boats, water sports and, of course, restaurants and beach bars. The closer you get to town, the livelier the beach, while the further you go, the more private you can enjoy.

Conversely, look for a series of small beaches separated by rocks and cliffs about 4km north at the villages of Sas Linnas Siccas and Cala Liberotto.


Accommodation prices in Orosei are around 80 eur in high season and below 70 eur per night in a double room in low season.

You'll find most of the cheaper deals in the smaller resort of Cala Liberotto, which is still administratively part of Orosei. However, due to the poor accessibility of the beaches by public transport, you will probably have a rental car and therefore accommodation further away from the centre of Orosei will not be a problem.


Due to the inaccessibility of the beaches and the relatively long distance of the town from the sea, the best way to get to Orosei is by car.

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The town lies on the main SS125 road that follows the entire eastern coast of Sardinia. The distance to Olbia is 83 km, while the distance to Cagliari is 217 km.

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