In western Iceland, the Langjökull volcano formed the 2nd largest glacier and at the same time created extensive lava fields, but the one that is mainly known to tourists is located on the easily accessible western side of the glacier.

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Lava Falls

The rock associated with the lava field here is very porous, partly due to the mature vegetation, partly due to the specific geological conditions. The permeable lava field thus allows groundwater to escape to the surface, creating a cascade of many small waterfalls up to 300 metres long, which weave through clumps of bushes and dried lava and flow into the Hvítá River.

As the Hraunfossar Falls flow into the river perpendicularly along the entire length of the bank, they are ideally viewed from the opposite side, where a 1.5 km long hiking trail with numerous viewing platforms has been built.

How to get there?

Hraunfossar is easily accessible by any type of car and is located relatively close to Reykjavík - only about 126 km (see route map).

Drive north on Route 1 until you reach a right turn onto Route 50, which you follow until you reach a turn onto local Route 518. However, you will actually be going straight at this junction, as Route 50 turns left. From here you will just follow the signs for Hraunfossar.


The area around Hraunfossar can be a good place to stay overnight when you are on your way to the Westfjords. Not far from the waterfalls you can stay in relatively cheap guesthouses around 110 eur per night, such as the highly rated Guesthouse Steindórsstadir.

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