The Hveravellir geothermal area is one of the most remote tourist spots and is located on the only road running across central Iceland.

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Since time immemorial, the Hveravellir springs have served as a rest stop on the long journey from the north of Iceland to the south, and this is no different today.

The thermal lakes

After driving for a few hours through Iceland's rugged, hilly landscape, the calm, wide plains open up before you, looking more like a landscape on the moon or Mars. In the middle of them is an area of bubbling fumaroles and Hveravellir hot springs, some of which you can safely bathe in. The temperature of the thermal water here is between 35 and 42 °C, but be sure to follow the instructions on the signs. Some of the springs are over 60 °C and bathing in them could be dangerous.

The geothermal area is around Hveravellir Lodge, a small hotel with a campsite and café.

The pools are open to the public daily from 7am-10pm and the entry fee is just 600 isk.

Hiking trails

Apart from swimming, you can also go on three marked treks that will take you perfectly through a seemingly monotonous but very exotic looking landscape of bare plains, streams, steaming pools and snow-capped mountains in the background.

The trails range in length from 3km to 20km and detailed descriptions can be found at hveravellir.is/hiking-trails.


Hveravellir is the perfect place to stay overnight when travelling across Iceland. You can stay in comfortable en-suite rooms from 30 000 isk per night, as well as at the adjacent campsite for 2 000 isk per person. Reservations can only be made through the hotel's website hveravellir.is.

How to get there?

Hveravellir is located near the famous F35 road called the Kjölur Route. The letter "F" suggests that this is an unpaved gravel mountain road requiring 4x4 vehicles, it is usually only open between June and September, however Hveravellir is open all year round, but requires really special off-road jeeps.

The distance from Reykjavik is 206 km (see route map) and it is ideal to combine a visit to this area with a stop in the Kerlingarfjöll mountains.

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