Cascades of Purcaraccia


The wide and steep valley through which the road winds from the Bavella Pass to the coast to the town of Solenzara is ideal for many stops and hikes in the spectacular landscape of the Corsican mountains.

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Cascades of Polischell or Purcaraccia?

One of the most famous and popular routes is the trail through the deep gorge to the Polischellu water cascades (sometimes spelled Pulischellu or Polishello). This name is derived from the name of the canyon through which the road passes, but among the locals the cascades are known mainly as "Purcaraccia" after the name of the river that forms them.

The raging mountain river rushes through huge granite boulders, creating a whole domino of cascading waterfalls, but also pools in which to take a dip.

The path to the Purcaraccia cascades leads from the main road from a place called Bocca di Larone. The hiking trail is steep over large rocks, and in places you have to push a little through the bushes, but it can be managed without mountain experience. You just need to allow for a little bit of fitness, good quality footwear is a must.

The whole trip there and back is 4 km and takes about 2 hours.

Take a dip in the pools after a challenging hike, just count on the fact that you definitely won't be alone in the season.

How to get there?

The starting point at the car park in Bocca di Larone can only be reached by car. The D268 road passes through here; from Bastia the place is 122 km away, from Ajaccio 107 km and from Bonifacio 85 km.

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