The mountain pass with its beautiful scenery of rock towers is a true paradise for those interested in hiking. At an altitude of 1,218 m, there is a saddle around which the rock towers known as the Aiguilles de Bavella rise, changing colour from ochre to gold during the day.

The area around Bavella is ideal for hiking, with plenty of marked and unmarked trails, but climbing and canyoning enthusiasts will also enjoy the area.

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In Corsican, you will also come across the name Bavedda. In the saddle through which the road passes, you will find a large hut with a restaurant, an information stand with maps and toilets.

Hiking and views

The Bavella mountain range is a little bit like the mountains of the Balkans in its appearance, a little bit like the Alps with its meadows and the pine forests of the Pyrenees. The sharp and narrow rock spires add to the photogenic character and attract hikers to explore the area.

The most popular mountain trail leads from the car park at the pass towards the highest peaks of the area, ending at the 1,785-metre-high Punta di near Pargul. The trail is quite challenging and requires short sections of ladder climbing and steep elevation changes. However, the views along this route are definitely among the most beautiful in all of Corsica.

The easier route, on the other hand, heads southwards and takes you more or less along the ridge of rocky spires and typical Corsican meadows with clumps of Mediterranean pines.


You won't find any accommodation directly on the pass and in the Bavella mountains. The nearest villages are Zonza, 9 km away, or Solenzara, 33 km away, with several apartments and classic hotels.

How to get to the Bavella mountains?

The winding mountain road number D268 passes through the Bavella Pass and the car is the best means of transport, you will find a large free car park in the pass. The nearest major town is Porto-Vecchio, 49 km away.

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However, buses from two companies connecting Ajaccio and Porto-Vecchio also stop here, with stops in places like Zonza and Sartene.

Only Balesi Evasion provides a timetable so that you can visit Bavella in a turn-around without staying overnight, and then only from Porto-Vecchio. From there it departs around 7am, arrives at the pass in an hour and a quarter and returns to Porto-Vecchio around 6pm.

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