Porto Vecchio and surroundings

Porto Vecchio

If you're a beach lover, the ones around Porto-Vecchio (Porti Vechju in Corsican) are the most famous in Corsica.

Its white beaches with fine sand and clear blue sea make it the most popular resort on the island. The beaches in the surrounding area are not only among the most beautiful in Corsica, but they also top the travel polls for the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Book a hotel in Porto-Vecchio in advance

Porto-Vecchio itself, with 11,000 inhabitants, is the 4th largest city in Corsica, boasting a small but pretty historic centre with narrow streets, a harbour and complete facilities in the form of shops, supermarkets and pharmacies.

Beaches and swimming

You won't find beaches in the town itself, so you'll have to head to nearby Porto-Vecchio (within 15km) to find them. Because the local beaches are so beautiful and well-known, we've prepared our own mini-guide for each of them:

Porto-Vecchio Accommodation

The town is one of Corsica's largest resorts and if you're heading for a beach holiday, stay here. From small apartments to larger hotels, you'll find hundreds of accommodation options right in the town and along the coast in the surrounding area. Don't look for huge concrete resorts here though, everything is understated and blends into the landscape.

Here are some tips for the best value accommodation in Porto-Vecchio:

  • Hôtel le Porto-Vecchio ** - a simple little hotel 5 minutes walk from the centre, one of the few that stays below 103 eur per night throughout the holidays
  • Holzer II *** - a small modern hotel right in the centre with prices below 110 eur per night
  • Best Western Hôtel Alcyon *** - one of the few chains right in Porto Vecchio offering affordable prices 147 eur per night throughout the summer

How to get to Porto Vecchio?

The town will be the first contact with Corsica for many travellers, as it is here that you will find one of the largest ferry ports on the island. Ferry prices and where to book tickets are detailed in the How to get to Corsica chapter.

There is no railway to Porto Vecchio, so the only practical way to get there is by car. There is a large car park next to the port with prices up to 10 eur per day. Free parking is practically impossible in the whole town.

There are long-distance buses into town, but the frequency is not great:

  • Bastia. 20 eur
  • Ajaccio: once a day direct bus Balesi Evasion, twice a day with a change in Scupet line C1, price approx. 16 eur
  • Bonifacio: 2-3 times a day, cost approx. 2 eur, see timetable

Within Porto Vecchio a free minibus runs during the summer season on a circular route, for a map and timetables see the official website: portovecchio-tourisme.corsica/bus

There is also a bus service from Porto Vecchio to the nearest airport , Figari FSC.

What to see around

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