Where to stay in Corsica


Are you going on holiday to Corsica? Find out which locations and towns are the best, cheapest and most practical for accommodation in Corsica.

Where to stay in Corsica

Accommodation in Corsica can be found in all price ranges. From luxury apartments or hotels, to family-run guesthouses, holiday homes, campsites or mountain chalets.

In general, the west coast is more expensive than the east coast because it is also more touristic. You can also find cheaper accommodation in the central parts of Corsica further from the sea, which may not matter at all if you're travelling to Corsica mainly for sightseeing and hiking.

Like everywhere else in the world, you can find all available accommodation on the island on these classic portals:

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Major cities

Talking about any Corsican towns as 'big' will always be a bit of an exaggeration, but if you like urban bustle and complete facilities on hand, you'll have two real towns to choose from.


Ajaccio, on the west coast, is the main administrative and cultural centre of Corsica and one of the starting points for travelling to the beaches and mountains. Hotels here are more expensive, however, and average around 128 eur 165 eur per night in high season.


Bastia in the north-east is the main entry point to Corsica. The local airport gets most of the bargains and all the ferries from Italy arrive here. Because of its relative remoteness from the best beaches or mountains, it serves ideally for 1 or 2 nights' accommodation on arrival or before departure.

Prices here are lower than in Ajaccio, expect to stay around 92 eur 110 eur .

Larger beach resorts

You won't find any huge resorts in Corsica with sprawling complexes of resorts and large hotels. Most of the beaches are quieter, but if you don't want to deprive yourself of the facilities of the many restaurants, pedestrianised areas and supermarkets, choose accommodation in one of the larger resorts:


Porto-Vecchio is the most famous resort, around which you'll find the most beautiful beaches. And since there isn't much accommodation directly on these beaches, you'll usually stay in Porto-Vecchio. You can get a night in small hotels starting from 92 eur, larger ones start with prices at 147 eur.


Bonifacio, in the very south, may not be a true resort with long beaches, but it is one of the most beautiful historic towns in Corsica and serves as an ideal starting point for travelling to beaches all along the south coast. The town is one of the more expensive places with prices between 110 eur and 147 eur per night.


Calvi is the largest resort in northern Corsica and a beautiful historic town. Around the town (but also right in the centre) you'll find mainly longer, more open beaches set in pretty natural surroundings. Accommodation here will be slightly cheaper than resorts in the south (between 73 eur and 110 eur per night).


Propriano is one of the most popular resorts in south-west Corsica, with beaches right in town and in the surrounding smaller coves. The centre of Propriano itself is very lively, but the surrounding area is one of the quieter parts of Corsica in a beautiful undulating setting. Prices are similar to Calvi between 73 eur and 128 eur per night.


L'Île-Rousse, a town with a large harbour in the north of Corsica near Calvi, may not have such beautiful urban beaches, but in its surroundings you will come across the beautiful beaches of Bodri, Lozari, Ostriconi or Aregno and specially if you come by ferry from France, this town will be ideal to stay.


Saint-Florent is a bit of a backwater fishing town in the north of Corsica, with reasonably priced hotels around 73 eur 92 eur . It doesn't have many beaches in itself, but it serves as a starting point for cruises to the most beautiful beaches in northern Corsica: Lotu and Saleccia.

Moriani Plage

Moriani Plage is the largest resort on the east coast of Corsica, where lovers of long, straight beaches and typical rolling holidays will find their favour. Prices here are lower than in other resorts and even in high season you can get a night in a hotel right by the sea for under 110 eur.

Smaller resorts in the middle of nowhere

If you prefer divine tranquillity and small resorts with a few hotels, guesthouses, a few restaurants and basic facilities, Corsica will not disappoint.


One of the most beautiful and popular small resorts, Porto-Ota is located on the west coast and serves as an ideal starting point for excursions not only to the beaches but also to the natural attractions that abound in the area. Just a few kilometres away you can visit the famous Calanques de Piana coastline or the Spelunca Gorge.


Galéria is a tiny village with several restaurants and hotels in a beautiful bay away from the hustle and bustle of civilisation. This resort is one of the most secluded, but you'll still have full facilities including a supermarket.


Cargése, on the western tip of Corsica, is surrounded by several beautiful beaches in coves with good accessibility by car, but also a little off the main tourist streams. And that goes for the quiet town of Cargése itself, with a few hotels, a couple of supermarkets and restaurants. All of this is set in a beautiful hilly coastal setting.

Mountain towns

Is your goal in Corsica primarily hiking in the mountains? Then head to the central parts of the island and choose accommodation in one of the villages with the greatest number of hiking trails and attractions. There are also financial advantages: accommodation further away from the sea is on average about 10 to 20% cheaper than in the main resorts.


Corte is one of Corsica's main tourist centres and, with its historic centre, one of the island's top attractions. It lies at the beginning of the famous Restonica valley, from which many hikes lead high into the mountains. In addition, Corte lies in the middle of a popular railway line and is a popular place for both day stops and week-long stays.

Asco Valley

The Asco Valley is the main tourist centre for the northern parts of the Corsican mountains, including the highest mountain , Monte Cinto. You won't find any big towns in the valley, but several small villages with plenty of private apartments, guesthouses and small hotels.


Zonza lies in the south and figures as a tourist centre for trips to the Bavella area with its unique rock formations, waterfalls and a large number of hiking trails. Smaller hotels and guesthouses can be found not only in Zonza, but also in many of the villages in its immediate surroundings.

Camping and camping

Free camping is forbidden in Corsica, but you can make use of the campsites that are abundantly set up all over the island. Well-maintained hiking huts are located along the hiking trails. These huts usually operate on a first-come, first-served basis. However, if it is crowded, in most cases you can camp around the huts.

For example, you can find a list of campsites in Corsica on corseweb.corsica.

Hotel prices in Corsica and when to book?

Corsica is one of Europe's most expensive destinations and during the summer season, expect prices between 0 eur 0 eur and 147 eur per night in a double room in a regular 3* hotel. The lowest prices you can get in smaller resorts or in the mountains are around 66 eur per night, lower only in the absolute exception.

Find the cheapest accommodation in Corsica

You might have trouble finding accommodation in August, when France and Italy are on holiday, but also in the winter months when accommodation is closed.

Especially for August, 95% of beachfront accommodation is booked more than a year in advance, and prices for the remaining ones skyrocket.

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