Cala Rossa beach

Cala Rossa

Cala Rossa Beach is located in the small resort of the same name, north of Porto-Vecchio. You will be enchanted by the beautiful surroundings with green hills, a quiet bay and views of the wide open sea.

Choose a hotel by the beach

The main part of the beach is called the Grande Plage de Cala Rossa, while the next beach closer to the resort is called the Petit Plage de Cala Rossa.

Swimming and beach facilities

In Cala Rossa, as with most South Corsican beaches, expect fine white sand and a very gradual entrance to the sea, which is calm here. The idyllic rugged coastline with the occasional granite rock just adds to the holiday atmosphere.

Cala Rossa beach is also popular with water sports enthusiasts, as there are a large number of agencies offering jet-skiing and similar activities. There are several restaurants and small snack bars all along the beach.

  • The surface of the beach - fine white sand
  • Entrance to the water - gradual sandy
  • Length of the beach - 700 metres
  • Beach width - 15 metres
  • Sun lounger hire - yes (approx. 20 eur per set per day)
  • Toilets and showers - yes
  • Restaurants - yes
  • Shops - yes, beach equipment

Beachfront accommodation

In the small holiday village of Cala Rossa, which consists almost entirely of holiday villas and smaller hotels, you'll find plenty of accommodation on offer. Prices are high, ranging between 165 eur and 440 eur per night in the summer season.

The cheapest hotels include the one 200 metres away Domaine de Caranella.Look for a much richer range of hotels in Porto-Vecchio.

How to get to the beach?

The bay and the resort of Cala Rossa can only be reached by car. The turn-off from the main T10 road is clearly signposted, and from there you'll have about 4 km on a side road that will take you directly to Cala Rossa.

You can park anywhere along the road just a few steps from the beach for free.

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