Corsica in a nutshell


Corsica is the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. In a relatively small area you will find beautiful beaches, crystal clear sea, romantic coves, mountains, unspoilt nature and picturesque towns full of history. This has earned Corsica many nicknames such as "Pearl of the Mediterranean", "Mountain in the Sea" or "Island of Beauty and Fragrance".

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Corsica's most famous native, Napoleon Bonaparte, said that he knew Corsica with his eyes closed by its smell.

The island's charm is also reflected in the ancient name "kalliste", meaning "most beautiful", as the ancient Greeks called the place. Although Corsica is officially part of France, the Corsicans consider themselves an independent nation and are duly proud of it.

Corsica is an ideal destination for both active and passive holidays. There really is something for every traveller, and even after two weeks here, you certainly won't get bored. Head to Corsica and be intoxicated by the smell of macchia, taste the delicious local figatella sausages or brocciu cheese, or try making friends with the semi-wild pigs found all over the island.

Population Area State Name French/English Time zone
325 000 8 722 km2 France Corse / Corsica UTC +1

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