Palombaggia beach

Palombaggia Beach

Palombaggia is probably the most visited beach in Corsica. It is located 10 km from Porto Vecchio. The beach itself is 2 km long and is bordered by a pine grove. The fine sand, the crystal-clear sea, whose colours vary from turquoise to dark blue, and the unusually dense vegetation on the shore give the impression of an exotic Caribbean.

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Swimming and beach facilities

Swimming at Plage de Palombaggia is among the most beautiful in Corsica. Plenty of space, fine white sand and a peaceful setting away from the big cities create an idyllic holiday atmosphere.

The entrance to the sea is very gradual and sandy, however, at the western end of the beach there is a small rocky reef which, together with the crystal clear water, creates ideal conditions for snorkelling. The southern end is surrounded by several larger restaurants, while the northern end of the beach is home to smaller beach bars. Thanks to its length, you'll always find a spot despite the beach's popularity.

  • The beach surface - fine white sand
  • Water entrance - gradual sandy
  • Length of beach - 2,100 metres
  • Beach width - 25 metres
  • Sun lounger hire - yes (approx. 20 eur per set per day)
  • Toilets and showers - yes
  • Restaurants - yes
  • Shops - no

At the southern end, Palombaggia beach, via a rocky promontory called Tamaricciu (Palombaggia itself is often mistakenly referred to by this name), is loosely connected to the very similar, only slightly shorter, de la Folaca beach, which in turn connects to the even smaller Acciaghju beach. Together, you have a more than 3.5 km long strip of beaches.

The great advantage of all the beaches is the ample shade provided by the adjacent pine forests.

On all of them you can rent pedal boats, boats or pay for water skiing and similar activities. There are plenty of options here, but despite this, all the beaches have a relatively quiet feel.

Accommodation on the beach

The popularity of the beaches and their location outside the big city is taking its toll on accommodation. There are usually only private apartments available near all three beaches, and you won't come across a larger hotel.

In addition, apartments tend to sell out a year in advance and the lowest prices start at 147 eur per night.

You'll find a wider choice of hotels in Porto-Vecchio, 10km away.

How to get to Palombaggia

The only transport option to Palombaggia is by car. The shuttle bus running 3 times a day from Porto Vecchio was cancelled in 2020 and has not yet been reinstated.

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The only free car park is at the north-east end of the beach, a gravel road leads to it, a big advantage is the fact that the car park is covered by mature pine trees. The exact location of the car park is at this location.

There are then many other private car parks along all the beaches, but these charge a fee, usually between 7 eur and 15 eur per day.

If you arrive at the beaches after 9am, it will be very difficult to find a free space.

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