Copenhagen's multicultural quarter offers dozens of shops, bars, cafés and restaurants, and together with the famous Jaegersborggade, it will keep you entertained for many an evening.

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You'll also find the famous Superkilen design park.

The ideal hygge district

Nørrebro has a very relaxed atmosphere that follows the Danish concept of hygge, which refers to a happy way of life.

There are no major landmarks or natural attractions. Nørrebro is an ordinary residential area, but its streets are literally packed with cosy cafes, small restaurants and shops of all kinds.

From the main streets, venture into the seemingly ordinary side streets, but where you'll find the real hygge. Small cafés, patisseries and wine bars are literally everywhere.

And what streets would we recommend in Nørrebro?

Superkilen Park

Superkilen is an over 1 km long park built in 2012. It was designed by the art group Superflex with the aim of bringing together the community of local and newly arrived refugees.

The different parts of the park are distinct in design and thus represent different cultures.

Immediately after its opening, the park became one of Copenhagen's main tourist attractions and symbols.

Accommodation in Nørrebro

The Nørrebro district is full of small private apartments and hostels with average prices between 630 dkk and 730 dkk. In the very southern part of the district, you can stay at the cheap Globalhagen Hostel.

On the other hand, in the north, further away from the centre, you can use the cheap hotel a&o Copenhagen Nørrebro ** with prices around 650 dkk for a single room with a bathroom.

Transport to Nørrebro

Bus line 5C runs along the main street of Nørrebrogade from the centre, the main station and the airport.

In the middle of this street is also a station of the circular red metro line M4 called Nørrebros Runddel.

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