Copenhagen City Hall

Copenhagen City Hall is one of the symbols of the city and one of the main landmarks of the historic centre.

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Even today, the city council still resides in the historic building on one of Copenhagen's main squares, Rådhuspladsen.

The present City Hall was built in 1905 in a typically Scandinavian National Romantic style. The ornate façade with its slender 105-metre high tower was inspired by the town hall of the historic city of Siena in Italy.

Jens Olsen Clock

In addition to the usual office rooms, the interior of the Town Hall contains a gem in the form of the Jens Olsen World Clock, also known as the Verdensur.

The astronomical clock, created in 1936, consists of a total of 15,448 parts and 12 movements and is one of the finest clockworks in Scandinavia.

The clock room is open free of charge on weekdays from 9:30am to 4pm, on Saturdays only until 1pm and closed on Sundays.

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