At 1,100 metres, Strøget is one of Europe's longest shopping streets. Although it's not very cost-effective to go shopping in Copenhagen, take a stroll anyway. It's alive and well, plus it's in the very centre of the city and your steps will be heading this way anyway.

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At one end is the Københavns Rådhus city hall and at the other is the old Nyhavn harbour.

The avenue passes through the important Nytorv Square or past the Helligaandskirchen Church.

Shopping on Strøget Street

Strøget Street was converted to a pedestrianised street in 1962, and the measure quickly met with great success. New restaurants, bars and shops began to spring up and within a few years Strøget became the main shopping street in Denmark, which it still is today.

Close to Kongens Nytorv Square, Strøget is set aside for expensive brands such as Prada, Louis Vuitton, Dior and others. Towards the town hall, you'll also come across the usual mid-range and lower-end brands of clothing, jewellery and watch shops.

The whole of Strøget is lined with restaurants, which we recommend avoiding. Prices here are by far the highest in Copenhagen and don't always match the quality.

Street artists

Strøget is a popular spot for street performers and various small tourist attractions. Performances by various musicians or magicians are most common around Amagertorv Square.

Always be alert if performers try to approach you directly. Petty scams and tourist traps are very common here.

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