The historic district of old sailors' houses, Nyboder, lies north of the centre near Kastelet Fortress and is a popular tourist destination.

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Today, the row houses of the sailors' barracks are spread over 8 parallel streets and have lost none of their original 17th and 18th century characteristics.

Nyboder through history

The need for new row houses for the navy arose during the reign of King Christian IV, when the Royal Danish Navy was developing massively.

New housing for sailors was built near the harbour in several stages from the mid-17th century to the late 18th century.

Even after several centuries, Nyboder has lost none of its original purpose. Even today, the houses house members of the Danish navy and air force. However, the district is freely accessible and is a popular tourist destination due to its historical character.

"Nyboder yellow"

Due to the characteristic shade of yellow that is common to all the houses in the district, "nyboder yellow" is even used as a generic term in Danish for this specific shade of yellow.

Historically, however, the houses were red and white. They only got their yellow colour after renovations in the 19th century.

Transportation to Nyboder

The neighbourhood lies only about 250 metres south of the major transport hub Østerport, where many city and long-distance trains terminate and the M3 and M4 metro lines pass through.

Bus line 23 can also be used for transport.

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