Where to stay in Copenhagen


Copenhagen is a small and compact city. Finding a suitable location is therefore practically no work at all. Most of the hotels are located in the city centre itself, some are located between the airport and the city, and only a few hotels can be found to the north in Nørrebro.

Where to stay in Copenhagen

The hotels in central Copenhagen are the main ones. Here there's a mix of several star hotels, mostly three and four star, to smaller cabin hotels and hostels.

If it's not a priority for you to walk out of your hotel directly onto the city centre square, opt for hotels along the metro in the south of Copenhagen. They're cheaper.

Cheap hotels

Hotels branded as Cabinn, Wakeup or Go will offer the cheapest accommodation in Copenhagen. Rooms are very small but modern and perfectly adequate for one to three nights. The lowest prices start at around 80 eur for a room for two.

  • Cabinn City ** - Located in the very centre of Copenhagen near Tivoli Park and Kobehavn main train station. The cheaper rooms are twin rooms and all have en-suite bathrooms. If you require breakfast, buy a room with breakfast - later purchases are always more expensive.
  • Cabinn Metro ** - This hotel is next to Ørestad station, with connections to the city centre and airport. Right next to the hotel is a shopping centre with a supermarket and several fast food outlets. The rooms have private bathrooms.
  • Go Hotel Saga ** - The smaller hotel is right next to Kobenhavn station towards the centre. Most rooms have shared but clean and well-maintained bathrooms. The cheapest room here costs 60 eur. Rooms with private bathrooms always cost about 20 eur more.
  • Wakeup Copenhagen Bernstorffsgade ** - This hotel is also close to the main train station. But it's a little further along the river. It offers bicycle rental (for a fee). The rooms have private bathrooms.
  • Wakeup Copenhagen Borgergade ** - In the very centre of the city just 250 metres from the New Royal Square is this modern hotel. It offers both classic double rooms and a family room for 4 people.

If you're travelling independently, check out the dorms, or beds in the common rooms of each hostel. Find over 40 hostels at hostelworld.com/copenhagen.

International chain hotels

Logically, the Scandinavian chains Scandic and Nordic have the largest representation of hotels belonging to an international hotel chain in Copenhagen. If you're looking for true international chains, you have this choice.

Prices are usually around 140 eur for three and four stars. Five star hotels cost 200 eur and more per night for two.

  • Best Western Hotel Hebron *** - You'll find this budget hotel near Kobenhavn station and just 5 minutes from Tivoli Park. You can rent a bicycle at the hotel. The hotel can also be booked directly on bestwestern.com.
  • The Huxley Copenhagen BW Premier Collection **** - Another hotel in the Best Western chain is located in the city centre near the picturesque and touristy waterfront district of Nyhavn. The stylish rooms bear the touch of famous jazz musicians. We definitely recommend purchasing a room with a rich buffet breakfast. The hotel can also be booked directly on bestwestern.com.
  • AC Hotel by Marriott Bella Sky Copenhagen **** - The design skyscraper with two towers is located next to the Bella Center metro station or Ørestad train station on the border between downtown and the airport. We recommend it if you want to enjoy an unforgettable night view of the city. All rooms have large French windows.
  • NH Collection Copenhagen ***** - This five-star hotel is located on the island of Christian right on the waterfront and just a few steps from Christianshavn metro station. Originally a bank building, it was renovated and converted into this amazing hotel in 2021. Fantastic breakfasts are a must for anyone spending the night in this luxury.
  • Copenhagen Marriott Hotel ***** - Below Tivoli Park, not far from the main train station, you'll find another five-star Copenhagen gem on the waterfront. Step out onto the terrace, settle into the loungers provided and experience the proverbial hygge. The hotel has a classic steam sauna and a gym. This is one of the most expensive hotels in Copenhagen.
  • Radisson Collection Royal Hotel ***** - Above Kobenhavn Central Station is another five-star design hotel designed by Arne Jacobsen. This hotel is Copenhagen's first skyscraper and offers the best view of the entire city. The rooms feature the iconic Swan and Egg chairs.

Copenhagen is not one of the cheapest European capitals. But trust that you won't regret it in the case of the above hotels.


Denmark is not cheap, and in Copenhagen this is doubly true. Prepare a sufficient hotel budget, as the cheapest accommodation is hard to find under 80 eur per night and room for two people, even in the case of hostels and shared rooms. If you go with 120 eur per night, you won't be surprised.

If you like comfort and rely on proven quality in the form of Scandic or Nordic Choice Hotels, budget between 120 eur and 200 eur per night including breakfast. Other chains are priced from 130 eur upwards without breakfast.

If you think you might be able to save money by staying in a hostel, you won't be pleasantly surprised. Prices don't drop much here either and you won't find much under 40 eur. The situation is better in winter than in summer.

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