Museums and galleries in São Miguel

2 best museum & galleries in São Miguel

Chá Gorreana
Chá Gorreana Tea

Museum, Garden

The tea plantations in the north of the island offer not only stunning views, but also a museum of tea production and tasting. The word "Chá" means tea in Portuguese and Gorreana is the name of the company that owns the tea plantation. [btn "The 10 best hotels in São Miguel";label=p-saomiguel-chagorreana] A visit to this picturesque area should definitely not be missed. In…

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Faial de Terra
Faial da Terra

Skanzen, Hiking trail, Waterfall

The tiny village on the southeastern tip of the island is squeezed into a narrow valley and on a small piece of flatter coastline. Apart from the beautiful wooded hilly surroundings, tourists are especially attracted to the marked trek up the hills to the half-abandoned picturesque village of Sanguinho. [btn "The best outdoor accommodation on the island";label=p-saomiguel…

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