Levada das 25 Fontes

Levada 25 fontes

This levada is one of the most interesting and beautiful in Madeira and also one of the most frequented. It leads in the popular Rabaçal area to the so-called 25 Fontes (25 springs), a pool in the middle of green forests, into which 25 small waterfalls fall.

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The levada starts at the little hut, now a tourist lodge with refreshments, the Rabaçal Nature Spot Café.

First you have to descend the steps to the levada itself, along which you'll more or less follow the contour through dense laurel forest and heathland with strips of lichen hanging everywhere. The ancient trees leaning over the levadas in places create ready-made natural green tunnels, only to part after a few metres and offer breathtaking views of the green steep valleys.

The path leading along the irrigation canal is very narrow in places, but there are railings wherever necessary. In winter and spring, the water from the levee often overflows onto the path; be prepared to get your shoes wet. The last short stretch to the falls themselves will be traversed over large rocks.

  • The distance - 2.3 km one way - can be shortened by about 800 metres over the levadas to Risco
  • Time - approx. 1 hour there + 1 hour back
  • Difficulty - moderate, the last 200 metres or so are more difficult
  • Route map

The section from the car park to the start of the route itself, which is on an asphalt road, must be included. It is 2 km long in one direction.

However, it is possible to use the shuttle minibus for 8 eur return, which runs about twice an hour. Payment is cash only.

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