Calheta beach

The town of Calheta on the southern coast of Madeira, scattered on steep slopes with idyllic terraced fields falling into the ocean, is one of two popular beach resorts in Madeira (the other is Machico).

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Previously inhospitable and not very attractive for tourists, the place began to change significantly at the turn of the millennium when a large artificially constructed sandy beach in the shape of a rectangle, protected from the waves by stone jetties, opened in 2004.

It is covered with fine white sand imported from the African territory of Western Sahara.

It is about 100 metres long and boasts all the services available in the form of sunbed and umbrella hire, boat trips and showers and toilets.

The area around the beach is very clean, tidy and quiet.


Calheta is an ideal choice for relaxing accommodation in a beautiful setting close to the sea. Unlike the much more lively and lively resort of Machico, you will enjoy idyllic tranquillity here.

Prices for apartments scattered around the surrounding hillsides start at around 29 eur per night for 2, but if you want to stay right by the beach, you need to pay a little extra in the case of apartments, or considerably more in the case of classic 4* hotels.

But our secret tip is a great boutique 4* hotel Quinta Alegre with stunning sea views and very reasonable prices. However, it is advisable to have a car to get to the sea (approx 2.5 km uphill steeply from the beach).

Transport to Calheta

Calheta lies on the main ring road around the island about 37 km from Funchal. The road passes under the whole village through a tunnel, so it does not disturb the peaceful surroundings. Parking at the beach is free.

You can also get Rodoeste buses several times a day (about 6-7 times on weekdays, 2-3 times on weekends) which connect Calheta with the towns of Funchal, Ribeira Brava, Ponta do Sul or Ponta do Pargo. Check the timetables for Estrela da Calheta, Estreito da Calheta and Vila da Calheta stations.

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