Oceanárium Lisbon

Thelargest aquarium of its kind in Europe can be found in the north-east of Lisbon in the modern Parque das Nações district, which was built for Expo 98.

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In the aquariums, which cover more than 5,000 cubic metres, you can admire more than 450 species and 16,000 individual specimens, from colourful fish, sharks and sea lions to penguins and other seabirds.

What will you see in the Oceanarium?

Inside, the building is divided into 5 main sections. Overall, your visit will take between one and two hours.

The main tank

The largest centrally located aquarium is the main draw of the Oceanarium.

The tank has a volume of 5,000m3 and is home to more than 100 species of fish, sharks and marine mammals. With a depth of over 7 metres, it gives the impression of an open ocean, with a complete range of animals from those just below the surface to deep-sea creatures.

Although there is no underwater glass tunnel under the station, there are huge windows on all sides so you won't miss any fish.

4 themed tanks

The smaller tanks are separated from the main tank only by glass, giving the impression of one huge connected aquarium. However, the separation is necessary because of the completely different conditions inside each tank, which represent different places around the world:

  • Tropical coral reefs
  • Pacific kelp forests
  • Antarctic seas
  • The rocky coastline of the North Atlantic

Entrance fees and opening hours

The Lisbon Oceanarium is open every day from 10:00 to 20:00, with the last entry at 19:00.

Tickets can be purchased on site or online at the following prices:

  • Adults - 25 eur
  • Children up to 12 years old - 15 eur
  • Seniors over 65 - 17 eur

Official website: oceanario.pt/en

How to get to the Oceanarium?

The Aquarium is very close to the Oriente Station, where there are also public transport stops called "Oriente".

  • Metro - red line towards the airport and Almada station, where you change to the green line towards the centre
  • Buses towards the centre - lines 708, 728, 759, 782

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