The oldest and most romantic part of Lisbon is Alfama. The narrow, winding streets rising steeply from the river towards the castle are filled with an abundance of quiet restaurants, little squares in places few people would expect to find them and citrus trees loose on the street.

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Alfama is also where you'll get the best photos of the yellow trams that weave their way through the narrow streets, with line 28 passing through.

Sights in Alfama

At the very edge of Alfama towards the centre is Lisbon's main cathedral, the Sé de Lisboa, dating from 1147. It's kind of drowned in the development, so don't expect monumental towers like the cathedrals in Prague or Paris.

On the contrary, Lisbon's largest monument, St George's Castle, also dating from the 12th century, stands at the highest point in the district.

The eastern edge of Alfama is framed by the Sao Vicente da Fora Monastery with its whitewashed façade.

Steep streets and quiet corners

Alfama defines Lisbon. Its winding streets, often turning into staircases, are surrounded by the typical buildings of the old town.

Surprisingly, the district is not packed to bursting with tourists. They linger mainly around the tram line, lurking for a chance to take photos of the iconic old trams.

Just turn in any direction from this main street and you'll find yourself in the magical surroundings of a city that's had a life of its own for centuries.

Besides the tram, it's easy to get here on foot (uphill) from the main square, Praca do Comércio.

Take a picture of the yellow tram

Lisbon's old yellow trams weave their way through the very narrow streets here, and Alfama is the most popular place to photograph them.

Where to photograph the tram?

The best views of the city

Thanks to its hilly location right above the city centre, it is in Alfama that you will come across the best views of Lisbon.

  • Miradouro da Graça ( - a small viewpoint overlooking St. George's Castle and the centre of Lisbon
  • Miradouro das Portas do Sol ( - wide views of the Tagus, the lower Alfama and the Sao Vicente da Fora Monastery
  • Miradouro de Santa Luzia ( - a beautiful viewpoint in a small park overlooking the lower Alfama and the river Tejo

Accommodation Alfama

This part of Lisbon is one of the best for accommodation. You'll be right in the centre of the action, and there's a choice of private apartments in quiet streets and luxury hotels with views.

Alfama is the number 1 tourist area, so expect higher prices.

Transportation to Alfama

The main transport links are provided by the historic tram line 28E running from the central Praça do Comércio square or the Martim Moniz Green Line metro station. During the day, it is supplemented by the much less frequent tram 12E running from Martim Moniz to Rossio station.

  • Tram 28E - once every 8 minutes (timetable and map:
  • Tram 12E - about twice an hour (timetable and map:

The minibus line 737 also runs within the area around St George's Castle.

What to see around

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