Views in Gozo

3 best views & viewpoints in Gozo

Tal Mixta
Tal-Mixta Cave

Cave, Lookout

Tal-Mixta is an impressive cave rising about 100 metres above the sea. From the cave you can see the popular orange-red Ramla beach. This is a great spot for view lovers and keen photographers, as this cave is one of the most photogenic spots in Gozo. [btn "Find accommodation on Gozo";label=p-gozo-tal-mixta] Directions to the cave There are two ways to reach the cave. The…

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Sanap Cliffs
Sanap Cliffs

Cliff, Lookout

The south of the island is dominated by the beautiful and majestic Sanap cliffs, which are still a bit of a mystery that many tourists don't know about. Among the locals, the cliffs are also known as Ta' Ċenċ Cliffs. [btn "Find accommodation on Gozo";label=p-gozo-sanap-cliffs] The huge photogenic white cliffs are an impressive spectacle at any time of the year, and are…

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Blue Hole for calm sea
Dwejra Bay

Cliff, The Cove, Lookout, Stony Beach, Natural formation

Just a few tens of meters from the area around the former Azure Window lies the beautiful photogenic Dwejra Bay with its steep cliffs and breathtaking views of the sunsets. The entrance to the bay is covered by the Fungus Rock, which completes the beautiful and interesting appearance of Dwejra Bay. [btn "Find accommodation on Gozo";label=p-gozo-dwejra] Apart from Dwejra Bay…

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