Monuments and statues in Gozo

4 best monuments & statues in Gozo


Tourist town, Fortification

Victoria, also known as Rabat, is the capital of Gozo. The name Rabat is more traditional, having been used since the reign of the Phoenicians. At the end of the 19th century, the city was renamed to the name Victoria as it is used today, in honour of the 25th anniversary of the reign of Queen Victoria of Britain. [btn "Find accommodation in Gozo";label=p-gozo-victoria] With a…

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Basilica of Ta'Pinu
Basilica of Ta' Pinu


One of the most visited sights on Gozo is undoubtedly the Ta' Pinu Basilica. The building itself may not be one of the largest shrines in Europe, but it stands out very prominently in the open undeveloped landscape of the hilly centre of the island. [btn "Find accommodation on Gozo";label=p-gozo-ta-pinu] The basilica, which is now a major pilgrimage site, was built in the…

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Archaeological site

Ġgantija, or "Tower of the Giants", is an important prehistoric temple that ranks among the oldest structures in the world. [btn "Find accommodations on Gozo";label=p-gozo-ggantija] The construction of the temple dates back to around 3,500 BC. The sanctuary is made up of huge, unmissable boulders, yet it was discovered relatively recently - stumbled upon 200 years ago by a…

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Xewkija Rotunda
Rotunda of Xewkija


The Church of St John the Baptist, more commonly referred to as Rotunda of Xewkija, is the largest church on the island of Gozo and one of the largest in the whole of Malta. [btn "Find accommodation on Gozo";label=p-gozo-xewkija] It is located in a small town with low houses, which makes its size stand out even more. The rotunda dates back to the 2nd century and was completed in…

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