Getting around Gozo


Gozo has an area of just 67 square kilometres, the island measures 14 kilometres in length and just 7 kilometres in width. Enthusiastic tourists can easily get around on foot, but for less enthusiastic tourists, local buses or hop-on hop-off buses are the most recommended means of transport, which are very popular on Gozo.

Find accommodation on Gozo

While there are small local car rental companies operating on Gozo, if you want to rent a car cheaply, it's best to do so at Malta Airport and take the ferry across to Gozo.

If you are a cycling fan, you can cycle around the island.

Gozo buses

The most used way of travelling in Gozo is by public bus. The bus network includes 15 routes.

With one exception (line 322 from Mgarr harbour to Marsalforn), all lines meet in the main town of Victoria, where the main bus station is located (location on

It is from Victoria that you can conveniently get to any place on Gozo. Beware, there are no night buses here, most lines end between 10pm and 11pm and start at 5:30am. Some lines don't start until around 8:00pm and end at 7:00pm.

Timetables and maps

Buses generally run every hour, with the 301 line from the harbour to Victoria running more regularly, roughly every half hour, while the 322 line only runs once every hour and a half.

It's not a good idea to rely 100% on timetables, and rather allow for delays of 5-15 minutes. However, delays are less frequent than in neighbouring Malta.

Don't forget to wave to the driver when the bus arrives, stops are on signal. Then press the "Stop" button before getting off.

Detailed timetables can be found on the carrier's official website

Unfortunately, there is no longer a link to a map of all the routes on specific islands, however, the specific route including timetables will be displayed when you click on each route. In the column of stops, the municipalities are listed, for which you can click on the "+" button and you will also see the specific stops in that municipality.

The following bus lines operate in Gozo, click on the route number to see a map with the timetable:

  • 301 - Victora - Port Mgarr (12 minutes, alternatively you can take the 2 minutes longer line 323)
  • 302 - Victoria - Xewkija - Nadur - Ramla
  • 303 - Victoria - In-Nadur - Weraq (stop near San Blas Beach) - Mgarr Marina (journey time from Victoria to the port is 40 minutes)
  • 305 - Victoria - Ta-Sannat, usable on the way to Sanap Cliffs
  • 306 - Victoria - Xlendi
  • 307 - Victoria - Xaghra ( Ggantija temples)
  • 308 - Victoria - Ghasri (for going to Ta' Pinu Basilica)
  • 309 - Victoria - Zebbug
  • 310 - Victoria - Marsalforn (also to the salt flats),
  • 311 - Victoria - San Lawrenz - Dwejra Bay
  • 312 - Victoria - Gharb
  • 313 - Victoria - Kercem
  • 322 - Mgarr Marina - Nadur - Xaghra - Ggantija - Marsalforn
  • 323 - Victoria - Xewkija - Mgarr Marina
  • 330 - Victoria - Xlendi

You can use the Google Maps app to find current bus departures, which works surprisingly accurately here. All bus stops are marked with a post and the timetable hangs on the vast majority of them.

Ticket prices and where to buy them

Fares are the same as in neighbouring Malta, and the same tickets are used.

Single tickets can be bought from the driver with cash or card.

  • 2 eur

The ticket is valid for 2 hours and you can change between buses.

If you will be in Malta and Gozo for more than 3 days and are not renting a car, it is very likely worth buying a weekly card which is valid for 7 calendar days.

You can buy the ticket from vending machines (for example at Valletta airport or bus station) or from point of sale. This ticket cannot be bought from the driver.

It is issued in the form of a card which you "tap" when you board the bus with the driver. The fare is valid for all bus services in Malta and Gozo.

Another option is a special 12-ride ticket for €15, which is transferable and can be used in a group of several people. It can be bought at the same places as the weekly ticket.

All-day (24-hour) tickets are not available.

Electronic personalised Tallinja Cards are not worth using as their purchase value (from 10 eur) will not be advantageous for tourists. These cards are only worthwhile for long stays in Malta.

For more information on tickets in Malta and Gozo, please visit the official public transport website.

Hop-on hop-off buses

If you're visiting Gozo as part of a day trip, it's best to use the Hop-on Hop-off buses that leave from the harbour and take you around the island.

You just need to get your ticket at the port, but you can also buy it online at the official website:

Buses run from 9:45am to 3:45pm, every 45 minutes. They stop at a total of 15 stops along the way, where you can get on and off at will.

Tickets are always valid for 24 hours and you can get off and on anytime, anywhere and make as many trips as you like. For information on prices and exact routes, visit the websites of the individual carriers:

By car

Travelling by car is convenient in Gozo if you want to discover as many places as possible in a short time. Buses with 60-minute intervals are a significant constraint, and they don't go to all the natural attractions.

Most car rental companies are based in Victoria, one of the best rated, for example, is Mayjo car hire with prices from 20 eur per day.

International car hire companies are not based in Gozo, but you can hire a car at Malta airport, where the choice is much wider and prices start at around 18 eur per day.

Book a car at Malta Airport

The charge for the ferry from Malta to Gozo is 15,70 eur for a car and driver (return ticket) + 4,65 eur for each passenger.

On foot

Gozo is an excellent choice for hiking enthusiasts. There are hiking trails that run around the entire island, which is only 55 kilometres in circumference. This is easy to moderate hiking. For detailed information, see the Activities section.

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