Tal-Mixta Cave

Tal Mixta

Tal-Mixta is an impressive cave rising about 100 metres above the sea. From the cave you can see the popular orange-red Ramla beach.

This is a great spot for view lovers and keen photographers, as this cave is one of the most photogenic spots in Gozo.

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Directions to the cave

There are two ways to reach the cave.

The first, less convenient but all the more fun, is to walk from Ramla Bay itself. There is a narrow footpath that leads to the cave, and the walk from the eastern end of the beach to the top will take even untrained individuals a maximum of 25 minutes.

The path is also suitable for families with children (without a stroller), the last few metres are more dusty and extra care should be taken. If you hike in spring, you'll enjoy a path surrounded by flowering yellow plants and the ubiquitous cacti.

The other, slightly more convenient option is to drive above the cave; you can park right next to it.

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