Capo Testa

Capo Testa

Cape Capo Testa is a beautiful rugged peninsula connected to Sardinia by a narrow neck, with small beaches on either side.

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The entire islet of Capo Testa is made up of massive granite rocks shaped by the wind into bizarre forms. Locals often refer to Cape Testa as "moonscape" because that's exactly what some of the places and views of the strange rock shapes look like.

Views, flowers and hiking

These words could easily describe a visit to Capo Testa. The rugged islet offers a wealth of views of the sea, the mainland and the cliffs, among which grow colourful daffodil and gazania flowers, especially in spring.

The islet measures about 10 km in circumference and is crossed by several sandy paths. Easy hiking is thus on offer. Plan a more active day, walk around the island and end your trip at the small lighthouse at sunset.


Right on the island is the eponymous village of Capo Testa, where you can stay in several apartments.

However, these are often booked months in advance, so you'll have no choice but to stay the night in Santa Teresa Gallura, 2km away, where ferries to Corsica cross the Strait of Bonifacio.


The village of Capo Testa, right on the island, can only be reached by car. Parking is quite complicated in high season. There are a few paid parking lots (around 10 eur per day), but they are full from early morning. In this case, it is common to park on the sides of the road connecting to Sardinia and have to walk the rest of the way.

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The nearest bus stop ( can be found near the neck of the road leading to the peninsula. There is a Sardabus line from the centre of Santa Teresa (the stop is called Baia Santa Reparata - Hotel Cala Blu).

Santa Teresa can then be reached by classic ARST or Turmo Travel bus lines to the following destinations:

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