The idyllically beautiful valley of Reykjadalur is the perfect place to stop for a few hours during your journey along the Golden Circle. In summer, the lush green landscape of rounded hills covered in grass and heather is beautified by the Reykjadalsa river, steaming volcanic fumaroles and thermal springs.

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Natural Spa

The Reykjadalur valley is literally crisscrossed with thermal springs that form several streams and rivulets untended by man. The only "unnatural" ones are the wooden walkways leading along the springs.

While some of the springs are so hot that you can boil eggs in them (and therefore extremely dangerous to swim in), others merge with the cold water of the Reykjadalsá River to form natural pools of water at a comfortable temperature of around 30 °C, which is ideal for swimming.

Warning signs usually point out the boiling springs.

Just outside the town of Hveragerði, you will come across another thermal area known as Hverir.

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How to get there?

The Reykjadalur valley is near the town of Hveragerði, close to the island's main road 1, which you must exit in this town. Drive through it on the tarmac road, and after about 400 metres turn left onto a well-maintained gravel road. Follow it to the very end of the road to the free car park.

From the car park there is a marked trail along the entire length of the river. Along the roughly 4.5 km route, you will come across several natural pools with warm thermal water, where you can take a dip and continue calmly into the hills.

There is no entrance fee to the area.


If you want to venture further into the hills, it seems ideal to stay 1 night somewhere nearby.

You'll find the most accommodation in the town of Hveragerði, where you can stay for example in the nice Reykjadalur Guesthouse with prices starting from 84 eur per night, which is a very good deal for Iceland.

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