Spelunca River

The wild Gorges de Spelunca, with the winding Tavulella river that winds its way through several hundred metres of pinkish granite rocks, is one of the top Corsican attractions and should not be missed.

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In fact, the Spelunca is one of the most massive granite canyons in all of Europe, stretching over 3km between the towns of Evisa and Ota, with rock walls reaching heights of up to 300 metres.

Walking through the canyon floor and over historic bridges

One of Corsica's most popular hiking trails takes you to the Spelunca Gorge. It takes you to the very bottom of the canyon along the river with its many pools, which of course you can swim in at any time.

Two historic stone bridges from the Genoese period (13th-17th centuries), the Pont genóis de Pianella and the Pont de Zaglia, will be a highlight as you cross the river twice.

The main route leads from the village of Ota up the gorge, the path is rocky but relatively easy and can be managed by the average trained traveller. The round trip is 7 km and takes about 3 hours.

An alternative is the route from the village of Evisa, but from there you have a really brutal elevation gain.

Views from the panoramic road

The spectacular views from above are at their best from the narrow undulating road number D84 connecting the resort of Porto with the interior of Corsica.

The views tempt you to stop every few metres, but be considerate of other traffic and only stop on the widened verges.


The area around the Spelunca Gorge is full of other hiking trails through the wild hilly countryside of western Corsica, so feel free to stay more than a day.

The centre with the most accommodation is undoubtedly the town of Porto, 4km away, but you can also stay closer to the canyon. For example, we would recommend the following accommodations:

  • Scopa Rossa ** - a small hotel above the village of Evisa with very reasonable prices around 51 eur per night even in high season
  • Funtana a l'Ora - a luxury campsite with its own cabins between Porto and Ota

How to get to Spelunca?

The easiest way to get to Spelunca is by car, the only way to really photograph the canyon from any point and you can drive right up to the start of the hiking trails. Parking here is a bit punk on the shoulders, it's free, but always be aware that there may be an unexpectedly parked car around the bend.

Even for travelers without a car, however, Spelunca is accessible.

The village of Ota is reached by the C2 bus service from Ajaccio once a day (twice a day in summer), which also stops at the resort of Porto or the village of Piana on the famous Calanche coast. Bus timetables can be found on the isula.corsica website.

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