Capo Rosso

Capo Rosso

On your way to the famous Calanques de Piana coast, be sure to stop at Capo Rosso, the westernmost point of Corsica.

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Capo Rosso, or the Red Cape, is named for the reddish colour of the dramatic-looking rocks, which are particularly noticeable here at sunset. The entire Calanche coastline will absolutely mesmerise you with spectacular views of erosion-torn rocks, green valleys and high sea cliffs.

Corsica's westernmost headland will be just the highlight of the Calanche experience.

Hiking and how to get here?

Cape Capo Rosso can only be reached on foot from a minor tarmac road that leads from the village of Piana to the sea to the village of Marina d'Arone.

The marked hiking route is relatively challenging, passing over many elevations, although these are mostly short but steep. The path overcomes large rocks, but climbing training is not necessary, the trail can be managed by any at least moderately trained hiker.

In one direction from the small parking lot by the road it is 4 km long, so 8 km in total. See the map of the route from the road.

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