Lac de Nino

Lac de Nino

The mountain lake of Nino is situated on a wide plateau between the two sides of the highest Corsican mountains. A trip to Lac de Nino will take you to a completely different landscape than the much-loved cramped canyons full of waterfalls or sharp rock massifs. On the way to Lac de Nino, you'll find wide green plains full of grazing semi-wild horses and fragrant forests of black pine.

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Lac de Nino is situated at an altitude of 1,743 metres.

Hike to the lake

Lac de Nino is also popular for its very easy hiking trail, which even children can easily manage. However, there are two route options to choose from.

The easy route

A very easy trek marked in red leads from the Poppaghja car park to the main road between the town of Calacuccia (12 km) and the Col de Vergio pass (12 km). The start and the whole route is well marked and used by a large number of people. Especially in summer, you will definitely not be alone.

The first part of the route goes through dense pine forest, the second half on grassy plains with breathtaking views. Have a snack at the lake and take the same route back.

  • Length of the route there and back together - 9.5 km
  • Elevation - 700 metres in one direction The climbs are not drastic
  • Time (untrained hiker) - about 5.5 hours round trip
  • Route map

Moderate route

The longer route runs entirely along the trans-Corsican tourist artery marked GR20 and starts directly on the Col de Vergio. Although it is described as moderately difficult, it is in fact, like the first route, one of the very easy ones and can be done by any average traveller.

The only difference is the length and a bit more elevation gain, but again there are no drastic climbs.

The trail goes through open countryside for the most part and has better views than the first option.

  • Length of the route there and back together - 19 km
  • Elevation - 700 metres in one direction
  • Time (untrained hiker) - approx. 8.5 hours round trip
  • Route map

The Col de Vergio can only be reached by car.


Right at the Vergio Pass you can stay in the nice mountain hotel Castel de Vergio, then look for other accommodation in the town of Calacuccia.

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