Col de Vergio

Col de Vergio

The Col de Vergio is located just a few kilometres up the famous Spelunca Gorge and, with an altitude of 1,477 metres, is the highest road pass in Corsica. If you are a road-trip lover, the Col de Vergio is not to be missed.

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Hiking and magical views

The area around the Vergio Pass is a fairy-tale beautiful place. A dense forest of mature pines gradually gives way to sparse scrub and open grassy plains dotted with granite blocks.

From here you can enjoy views of the really wide surroundings, walk through fragrant pine forests or take the short ski slope that operates here in winter.

Three marked hiking trails start at Col de Vergio. You can find a map of them on The most popular trek leads to the beautiful Lac de Nino, located on a wide open plateau with beautiful views.


Just a few hundred metres below the pass you will find the beautiful Hotel Castel de Vergio, which is perfect for hikers.

What to see around

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