Pointe de Sperone

Punta Sperone

The area around Pointe de Sperone boasts three beautiful beaches and is a popular destination for trips from the nearby town of Bonifacio, one of the most visited in Corsica.

Choose a hotel by the beach

The very rugged coastline around the headland creates beautiful coves, viewpoints and the green formerly agricultural landscape has been transformed into luxury golf courses and satellite towns with holiday villas.

Beaches and swimming

There are 3 beautiful beaches in the area:

  • Piantarella - a beautiful narrow half-kilometre long beach separates a shallow bay with turquoise clear water from an enclosed lagoon. The beach is extremely popular for windsurfing and other water sports.
  • Petit Sperone - a small, hidden beach nestled in a narrow, short bay is considered by many to be the most beautiful beach in southern Corsica. The idyllic setting of fine white sand, dunes and the Étang de Sperono lake, however, attracts a large number of people and in high season the beach tends to be crowded.
  • Grand Sperone - a slightly larger and more open white sand beach in a beautiful quiet area surrounded by the green lawns of a golf course and popular for its very gentle entrance to the sea


There is no accommodation at Pointe de Sperone, only private holiday villas. However, the large tourist centre of Bonifacio, where hotels are more than plentiful, is only 15 minutes away by car or bus.

How to get to the beaches?

By car you can only reach Piantarella beach, where free parking is available along the road leading to the boat dock on Cavallo island - see exact location on the map.

Between all the beaches there is a sandy, comfortable path that runs more or less flat. From the car park to the furthest beach, Grand Sperone, you walk about 1.5 km, see the route map.

Book a car in Corsica

During July and August, a special tourist bus runs from Bonifacio to the dock at Piantarella beach 4-5 times a day with a ticket price of 5 eur, see information and timetable on the official Bonifacio tourist website.

What to see around

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