The valley with the Figarella river, which flows from the massifs below the highest mountain Monte Cinto northwards towards Calvi, is one of the most popular places for trekking and swimming in the mountain pools.

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Natural pools and hiking

The main attraction of the valley are the natural pools of the Figarella River, formed by massive boulders and sediment deposits. Refresh yourself in these natural pools too. You'll be rewarded with the beautiful setting of the densely wooded valley, where you'll gaze between the thinning treetops at the 2.5 km high Corsican mountains.

The natural pools (Piscinas Naturelles) are accessible free of charge without any restrictions practically all along the upper reaches of the Figarella River.

In addition, at the end of the road that takes you to the upper part of the valley, you can walk along the many marked hiking trails along the river, as well as high into the mountains.

A map of the hiking trails along the Figarella can be found, for example, on the easy-to-follow website

Accommodation in the countryside

In the heart of the valley, right on the banks of the Figarella River, you will find a beautiful hotel Auberge De La Foret Bonifatu, with one of the best locations in the area. Look for more accommodation in the nearby large town of Calvi.

How to get there?

The starting point of the hiking trails and natural pools can be reached by car on a narrow but asphalt road that takes you 20 km from Calvi.

What to see around

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