Do you prefer small, secluded resorts in an idyllic landscape of coves and hilly coastlines? Then the smaller resort of Galéria on the west coast of Corsica is the place for you.

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The small village lies nestled by a bay and gentle rocky hills covered in greenery in a quiet area of the west coast, far from the hustle and bustle of the modern world.

Although it's peaceful and tranquil, you'll find several restaurants and a SPAR supermarket, which will easily be enough for your entire stay.

Beaches and swimming

The largest local beach by kilometres is located in the Fango Delta and is purely natural. You won't find any services or facilities here, but the village of Galéria is just 600 metres away along a convenient tarmac road. The beach in the Fango delta is covered with a mixture of grey sand and fine pebbles, and the drop into the water is quite steep, making it ideal for swimming.

Thanks to its remoteness and lack of amenities, there is always plenty of privacy even in high season.

Even in Galéria, you can swim at the smaller town beach in a quiet bay, which in turn has a very gentle and gradual entrance to the sea. You won't find any facilities here either, but restaurants and shops are only a few dozen metres away in the centre of the village.

Accommodation Galéria

Galéria is one of Corsica's cheaper resorts and you can get accommodation here in high season from around 73 eur per night.

We would recommend the very cheap and well rated Hôtel Camparellu in the centre of Galéria. The Stella Marina, a modern seaside hotel, is also a great bargain.

How to get to the Gallery?

The town is only accessible by car, there are no buses.

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To get here, take the winding D81 road, from which you have to turn onto a signposted tarmac road a kilometre and a half before the Gallery. From Ajaccio to Galleria, the drive will take 130 km, while from Calvi it will take 32 km.

What to see around

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