Asco Valley

Over 30 km long, the valley of the Asco river with the village of the same name in the middle of the road is one of the most beautiful regions in Corsica and a popular place for hiking and rafting on the wild mountain river.

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The Asco Canyon starts near the town of Ponte Leccia and ends at an altitude of over 1,400 metres at Haut-Asco, where treks to Monte Cinto, Corsica's highest mountain, start.


The most popular route leads from the village of Asco, first steeply down a few hundred metres to the bottom of the gorge to the river, which you cross over a several hundred year old stone bridge dating back to the Genoese Republic. From here you follow a signposted trail up one of the side valleys as far as you can go.

The path leads high into the mountains to the saddle between Capo di a Muccicosa and Capo Razino. You will return by the same route.

You will enjoy a dramatic landscape of raging rivers rolling over large boulders through narrow gorges, monumental mountains in the background and frequent pine groves through which you will pass.

The main Asco Valley then offers short walks from the road to the river combined with a swim in one of the many river pools.

Accommodation Asco

Accommodation can be found right in the village of Asco in two lovely guesthouses with prices between 92 eur and 110 eur per night. You can choose between the Acropole Asco and the guesthouse Résidence "E CIME".

Other offers can be found near the village of Moltifao in the lower parts of the valley.

How to get to the Asco Valley?

The asphalt road number D147 runs through the entire canyon, disconnecting from the main T30 near the town of Ponte Leccia. You can drive up to the highest parts of the Asco Valley.

From Bastia to Asco you will drive about 67 km, while from Ajaccio you will drive 120 km.

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