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Everything you need to know before departing from or arriving to Pisa Airport

Transportation from Pisa Airport

Krystof Hajek updated 10. 10. 2023

Pisa Galileo Galilei Airport is a great base for travelling around Tuscany thanks to its location.

Cheap hotels in the centre of Pisa

Pisa Mover to the train station

The airport is connected to the city by a small automatic train, the Pisa Mover, which pendulates between the terminal and Pisa Centrale Station. Both at the airport and at the station, the way to the train is clearly marked.

From Pisa Centrale Station, public transport buses will take you further into the city centre or to the Leaning Tower, information on which is provided in our guide to Pisa. On the way between the airport and the station, there is also a stop at the car park.

Tickets for the Pisa Mover can be bought from several machines at the entrance to the station, where you can pay by card and cash. When passing through the turnstile, you must scan the ticket barcode in the reader.

Price 5 eur
Travel time 8 minutes
Frequency 10 minutes

The first connection always runs at 6:00 in both directions at the same time, the last one at 23:50. Official information is available on the website: pisa-mover.com/en.

On the website of Trenitalia.com, the main Italian rail carrier, you can buy tickets directly to/from Pisa Airport, from any point in Italy. The price of the Pisa Mover is automatically added.

Buses to the centre of Pisa and to the station

Public transport buses are an alternative and cheaper way to get to Pisa, but they do not go directly to the airport.

From the terminal, head diagonally left across the car park, following the pedestrian walkway to Via dell'Aeroporto, which you follow for about 420 metres until you pass the roundabout. Beyond the roundabout is the public bus stop "Via dell'Aeroporto". The following lines run through here:

  • LAM Verde - only in the direction from the station to the airport, it goes back to the centre via a large circle, running once every 10 minutes from 6:10 to 20:45.
  • Line 5 - only in the direction from the airport to the station, on the other hand, it goes from the centre in a big circle, running once every 20 minutes from 6:20 to 20:20.
  • Line 21 - in both directions, runs once every 30 minutes from 20:43 to 23:13.
  • For bus timetables in Pisa, see pisa.cttnord.it.

Ticket costs 1,50 eur and can be bought at any newsagent. You'll find it at the roundabout near the bus stop. You can also use the At-bus mobile app (available on Google Play / App Store).

A map of the routes and walking directions to the bus can be found on the map below.

Taxi to Pisa

Use the taxi in case of a very late arrival or early departure, when there is no automatic train or bus to the airport. The fare to the station should be 9 eur, and to the Leaning Tower 12 eur.

There is no Uber, Bolt or any other similar taxi app operating in Pisa.

Buses to Lucca and Viareggio

About 30 metres to the right of the terminal is the stop of the intercity bus line E3, which runs from the airport directly to the historic town of Lucca without changing buses.

Bus line E25 goes directly to Viareggio or Pietrasanta.

  • 1-2 times per hour, please note - it does not run on Sundays and public holidays
  • The journey to Lucca takes 50 minutes, to Viareggio 60 minutes
  • Intercity timetables (click on E3 for Lucca and E25 for Viareggio/Pietrasanta)

Tickets to both cities are available at 3,50 eur when purchased at the newsagent or the office at the bus station, which is not possible at the airport. Here you can buy a ticket at this price via the At-bus mobile app or from the driver at 6 eur (cash only).

Buses to Florence

Directly from Pisa Airport, the Sky Bus Lines Caronna bus line runs non-stop to Florence, stopping at S.M.N. The buses run about 7 times a day and tickets are available at 13,90 eur during the day or 25 eur at night. The ride takes about an hour.

Detailed information can be found on the website caronnatour.com.

If the bus times don't suit you, you can use the much busier train service. First, take the automatic Pisa Mover train to Pisa Centrale station, from where trains run to Florence several times an hour. In total, the train journey including the Pisa Mover will take about an hour and 20 minutes and will cost you 13,70 eur.

The ticket can be purchased online at thetrainline.com for the whole route (5 eur Pisa Mover + 8,70 eur train).

Car rental

Will Pisa Airport just serve you as a starting point for travelling around the Tuscan countryside or the Apuan Alps? In this case, it will be most practical to rent a car directly at the airport, where many car rental companies are located in the arrivals terminal.

Prices for smaller rentals start at 50 eur for 4 days.

You can compare the prices of all car rental companies in Pisa, for example, on rentalcars.com, where you can also book a car directly.

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